Licensed Insolvency Practitioners


Liquidations can be instigated either via shareholder’s  or Court appointment.. At Patel & Co we carry out both forms of liquidations.


At Patel & Co we believe financial and strategic management accounting (and controls) is an integral part of any successful business.


We have an excellent up to date knowledge on all matters relating to taxation within New Zealand and additionally we also provide taxation services for overseas tax jurisdictions.


Avoid losing money to clients that have not paid for your goods and services.

New Services


Business Consultancy

Do you know that about 4,000 businesses go “under” each year; most creditors are not paid.
Talk to us and protect yourself from losses of this nature.


No asset procedure individuals

When an individual suffers a change of circumstances, the continuation of the struggle to pay off one’s debts (provided the total is below $47,000 and other conditions) can cause undue hardship to oneself or one’s loved ones.  


At Patel & Co we believe financial and strategic management accounting (and controls) is an integral part of any successful business.

Liquidations / Receiverships

We are a boutique practice offering a range of insolvency and accounting services throughout New Zealand and Overseas. Liquidations is our core service offered and we have a “no nonsense – hands-on “ approach in discharging our duties as Liquidators. We take instructions for both: shareholders voluntary administrations, as well as court, appointed liquidations. The liquidator is assisted by a liquidation analyst who brings an immense amount of experience and knowledge to ensure an effective discharge of the duties pursuant to Section 248 of the Companies Act 1993.

We have also administered receiverships under the appointment of lending institutions.

To date, we have administered a range of liquidations from the automobile industry to franchised businesses, retail outlets, service industries, manufacturers, construction companies and everything in between.

Accounting Services

We have dedicated accounting staff that handle all facets of accounting and tax matters including completion of company financial accounts. Completion and lodgment of tax returns, IRD audit / settlement issues etc.

Patel & Co also prepares and files tax returns in overseas tax jurisdictions and has a permanent base in the Cook Islands.

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Pritesh Patel is a licensed insolvency practitioner and a member of RITANZ (Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association New Zealand Incorporated)

What our client says about us

I cannot thank Patel & Co enough for what they did for me when I closed my business down. Mr. Pritesh helped me through the most difficult decision of my life. Almost immediately the calls from creditors reduced and company liquidation services took over everything for me. I am now at the end of the liquidation process and getting my life back on track. It is a hard decision to shut your company down, but it is even harder trying to stay open with no viable future.

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